Criterion Used by US Universities for Evaluation of Applicants

To get an admission in US Universities becomes much easier if you know their criterion of evaluation of applicants, as it helps you to prepare well in advance. Most of the Universities use an approach which is totally holistic while reviewing the applications received from international students. The academic potential along with the candidate's academic success is the most vital factor while reviewing the applicant. However, the US Universities also give value to certain other factors while evaluating the candidate. These other highly rated factors are: applicant's character; candidate's rationale for attending the given university and work experience.

Holistic Approach

The applicant should first keep in mind that his/her application would be reviewed by the US Universities holistically. This means both academic potential as well as performance and non-academic performance, subjective criterion would be used by the evaluators. These factors while reviewing can range from involvement in extracurricular activities giving genuine and compelling reasons for studying in the Universities.

Therefore in order to get admission in the most desired and highly competitive US Universities, it is highly imperative that you have good marks along with an effective admission package which is carefully contemplated. Here is a comprehensive list of all the vital factors, which are mainly considered by the Universities while assessing the applicants during admission process. They will help you in creating an effective application package.

Academic Qualifications

Universities in USA usually expect that the applicants should have similar kind of results as well as qualifications with similar type of competitiveness and esteem. The least requirement for a four-year bachelor's degree is that the applicant should have completed at least five GCSEs at grade-C or above, which should include English and Math. The most competitive Colleges in USA expect three A-Levels or equivalent to it. However, some Universities which are less competitive accept the B.TEC.

Academic Aptitude and Performance

The academic abilities of the applicant can be analysed through the results of current year like GCSE, predicted A-levels etc. which are mentioned in transcripts. However to review the academic aptitude of candidate will be assessed through the performance of the applicant in the admission tests. Thus, the stronger academic record you have in the classroom as well as on the standardised tests, the better chances of admission you have.

Genuine and Convincing Reason for Admission

The reason for attending Universities, given by the students should be highly persuasive and it should be capable of convincing the colleges in USA/ Universities that if given a funding or place you will definitely take the seat. Thus, provide a detailed explanation regarding the reason why you are interested in pursuing degree in US.

Extracurricular Involvement

Highly competitive US universities want candidates which are all-rounder such as very active in the classrooms as well as within the campus. Universities prefer students who actively participate in extracurricular or constructive activities like work experience, hobbies, arts etc. This promotes the philosophy of active learning within the classroom and also creates a learning environment in the campus. Therefore US Universities would like to know about you personal interests, professional and personal goals and character also while evaluating your application.