MBA in Biotechnology Program in USA

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology field is considered as the most upcoming field in the near future. Biotechnology is the use of living system and organism to develop or make any useful products that uses biological systems, living organisms to make or modify products or processes for specific uses. Biotechnology has its application in four major industrial areas:

1. Health Care

2. Crop production and Agriculture

3. Non food ( industrial uses of food )

4. Other products

Branches of biotechnology

The following terms are used to identify the several branches of biotechnology:

  1. Bio informatics: This is also referred as computational biology.
  2. Blue Biotechnology: It is concerned with the marine and aquatic application of the biotechnology.
  3. Green Biotechnology: It is concerned with the agricultural processes.
  4. Red Biotechnology: It is concerned with medical processes.
  5. White Biotechnology: It is concerned with industrial processes.

What is MBA in Biotechnology?

MBA in Biotechnology prepares people for various managerial roles like marketing, business development or for any strategy at the companies in the healthcare services, pharma and biotech industries.

As we have already seen that biotech is considered to be the key of many opportunities in healthcare services, many professionals as well as non-professionals see it in good eyes. This course can be a turning point for the biotech students because this field not only provides research and development work but also how to apply it in the management field. MBA BIOTECH students are more advantageous than normal MBA grads. Now what is the reason behind it? The reason is MBA BIOTECH students have the knowledge of biotech firms as well as of pharmaceutical. This degree helps the graduates to learn the basic principles and skills which is essential to become an effective leader in the biotechnology field. This programme will also help you to give new direction to your career.

How to apply for MBA in Biotechnology?

Some institutes offer this course on the basis of CAT, MAT etc. score while some other institution offers admission on the basis of the score earned in separate entrance exam.

Colleges and Universities offering MBA Biotechnology in USA

  1. Boston University BU (School of Management)
  2. University of Southern California
  3. Columbia Business School , Columbia University
  4. Florida International University
  5. University of Colorado, Denver University
  6. University of California ,Berkeley – Haas School of Business
  7. University of San Diego
  8. Cornell University – Johnson Graduate School of Management
  9. California State University – Long Beach
  10. Harvard Business School

What are the MBA Biotechnology Job Types?

  1. Marketing Executive Biotech
  2. Biotechnology Expert
  3. Trainer Biotech
  4. Assistant Professor in Biotechnology department
  5. Biotechnology Pattern Manager
  6. Consultants on health care
  7. Investment banker and venture capitalist focused on health care