Cost of Education System in USA

USA is one such country which offers unlimited opportunities to students. There are more than 3,200 universities and colleges in the states. There are 2100 colleges which only offer bachelor's courses to students. USA offers undergraduate, post graduate and research courses to students. The universities in USA not only offer you plenty of courses but at the same time offers you courses which imparts quality education system in USA to students. Every year numbers of students apply to USA colleges to get higher education. But all the students are not lucky enough to get an opportunity to study in USA colleges. To get education system in USA colleges is not an easy thing. You will require lot of money to afford your education and living expenses.

But there are many colleges in USA which do not charge hefty amount as tuition fee and offer education within your reach. There are some colleges and universities which offer lowest tuition fee to get the higher federal aid therefore they charge lower tuition fee. State universities have the lowest tuition fees in the country. Here are some USA universities which offer programmes with lowest tuition fees.

1) Minnesota State University: Minnesota State University offers post graduate and undergraduate courses to students. It offers scholarships to students to fund their studies and offers research courses to students. Presently, there are more than 14,500 students including 600 international students from 72 different countries

2) California State University: CSU has 23 campuses, 412,000 enrolled students and 43,000 faculty and staff to impart quality education to students. The university is the largest and most diverse university. It is one of the most affordable universities in the country. The college offers numerous opportunities to help students to achieve their goals. The college prepares students for their better professional future.

3) Montana State University: The University is very popular university of the state. MSU offers undergraduate degrees in 60 different fields with number of options, and also offers master's degree in 43 different fields. It also offers a doctoral degree to students in 20 different fields and specialized degree in education.

4) San Jose State University: San Jose State University offers a comprehensive university, offering bachelors and master's degree in 134 fields. The quality teaching and small classes are the main component of the university teaching. It stands among the one of the top 200 research universities of the nation.

5) Kansas State University: Kansas State University was established in 1858, with just 53 student enrolments. Kansas State University is ranked as one of the nation's "cutting-edge schools", as per a guidebook that highlights hottest majors and the innovative colleges.

6. North Carolina: Unfortunately, North Carolina's tuition and fees have actually received a hike – nearly a 40 percent increase within the past five years. This is actually once of the largest tuition increases among the states.

7. Nevada: Nevada's in-state tuition is down 2 percent – the largest decrease nationwide. The low cost of attending school within the state means that students do not take on large sums of debt. In 2011, for example, just 44 percent of gradates had student debt and students averaged less than $20k in debt on average – both among the lowest rankings within the United States.

8. Florida: Florida is able to keep in-state tuition affordable by charging nearly four times the amount to out-of-state attendees. For example, The University of Florida is one of the five most expensive amongst flagship universities nationwide to non-residents.

9. Idaho: At Idaho's universities, it's easy to keep costs down for in-state attendees since out-of state students pay nearly three times what in-state students pay. Additionally, out-of-state students make up nearly a third of attendees, which contributes to the state's ranking as one of the least expensive states to attend college in-state.

10. New Mexico: New Mexico holds both positive and negative state records. From 2001-2011, full-time college enrolment increased within the state by nearly 40 percent, beat by just four other state. On the down side, students within the state tend to struggle with debt repayment with nearly 15 percent of students defaulting on debt – the worst rate of any USA state.