Disadvantages of Online MBA Course.

We all are thinking doing an MBA degree has all the advantage and benefit to land you a good job in a well-known Company. If yes we have to change our view. Doing an online MBA Does not mean you will get a good job. There are many MBA's who are indeed successful in life and went on to become top notch executives in the corporate. However, there are huge number of MBA degree holders who are looking for a job.

Disadvantages of an Online MBA Degrees:

While studying for your MBA degree online you have few options that are available to you, you have to be aware of some of the disadvantages. For one, as you will probably be studying in your free time, you need to have a strong sense of discipline and time management so as to balance your work, personal life and study time. Some online MBA degree courses allow you to complete all of your studies in up to seven years, but you obviously want to be finished as quickly as possible.  There is also the risk that your online MBA degree will not be as highly valued by employers as one from a regular school might be.

Why not online MBA Degree?

If you are planning for a full-time program, then you need to fund two years of study and take yourself out of the job market, however, you may get some paid internships during this period. You also have to remember that not all MBAs are equal and the best results, in terms of job opportunities and higher salaries, generally come from ranked and accredited programs.

Planning for online MBA course may come with pitfalls. You may lose networking benefits as you may never meet other students or only come together periodically. Rankings and employer perception can also be lower for a non-standard program. Well keep it in mind getting an MBA degree is no guarantee of for successful future.

There are few disadvantages of online MBA, They are as follow:

You do not get any real experience of interaction with students or professor. You are just posting some questions online in forums and responding online. It is like learning on your own and posting questions in Forum.

  • There is no good way to build a network. MBA is all about professional networking. You will not build any good professional network because of lack of face to face interaction.
  • There is not much scope for students to exchange their work related experiences. You cannot really explain very well online in writing. This is the biggest drawbacks. In MBA you learn from other students, their experiences at work and interactions. You will miss all this while pursuing your online MBA course.
  • No social life with other students. You never meet anyone other than online. How can you even build a social life?
  • Lack of Group work. You may have group work but it will be online. It will be very hard to collaborate online and do group project work.  You may use teleconference and other tools. Still interacting in person is the best.
  • This maybe trivial, but it is worth keeping in mind. It is NOT good for your Eyes as you will be spending most of you time in front of computer or laptop trying to do work or reading online.