How to avoid MBA Traps?

MBA degree in India is perceived to be the ultimate shortcut to success. Post-liberalization generation believes that MBA guarantees a job with a thick salary at a reputed company at the beginning of the career. No wonder why both candidates and parents of today consider MBA as the ultimate target, being well aware of the traps associated with it becomes imperative.


Many things have to be considered before you choose to study an MBA degree. The institution and its accreditation are the most important point that you just can't afford to miss. Since, life is fast paced nowadays and students prefer to pursue part-time degree either on campus or online, this becomes more relevant.

Focus on Curriculum:

Students start to worry about jobs from day one of the campus rather than focusing on how to study well. From the very first day, students discuss about placement with their seniors rather than their curriculum. This is an entirely wrong approach. The logic that ‘if the purpose is defined, means will automatically follow' does not always holds good.

Say no to Frequent Job Jumps:

Changing jobs frequently is not perceived by the industry as a healthy practice. Changing jobs is necessary, but the frequency has to be doctored. If you are efficient, lucrative opportunities will come your way. However, you need to judge them. Not every opportunity that seems tempting is meant to bring you success.

Grow Gradually:

Learning is a continuous process. At an early stage of your career, you need to have a good mentor under whom you need to graduate from a student to a professional. If you are satisfied with your profile of work you must settle down and work consistently so that your organization considers you to be a valuable resource. Later, when you decide to switch job, your new recruiter gains confidence in you considering the amount of time contributed by you in your existing company and therefore your chances to crack the new opportunity becomes higher!

Remain Updated:

MBA degree does have an expiry date and therefore it has to be renewed. Education is not over after MBA, as perceived. In fact, management education has only started. Being updated with the latest happenings and developments of the industry is important to excel in a career. Learning is important to adapt yourself to the information revolution so that you do not lag behind others.

Marketing insights come from everyday lives. To be a good marketer you need to have an understanding of life around you. Reading books of popular culture; both management and work of fiction, watching all kinds of movies, travelling, absorbing information across media will help you to be a successful marketer.

Accept Challenges:

If you aspire to achieve high, say no to ‘that's not my job' concept. Being multitalented pays! If you are assigned a work and you have to probably do someone else's job in order to complete your assignment, go for it. Take it up as a challenge and attempt it. Often people leave jobs because they are transferred to a remote location or they have to burn their midnight oil owing to excessive workload.

MBA Degree is now perceived as a ready-made career path. A career in MBA is not just about great jobs and huge packages. With big prospects come big responsibilities too. The first responsibility is to escape from the traps and misconceptions associated with it!