Top Indian Institute of Management in India

Top Indian Institute of Managements like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Lucknow and Calcutta have been witnessing an influx of talents over the years with IIM continuing to be a well-established brand in the education sector offering promising management studies and courses. However, with competition rising, students too have been getting little or more baffled with the set of criterion as demanded by the top IIMs. The best IIMs in the country definitely provide aspiring students an exceptional platform contributing to a better and promising career launch amidst fierce competition on the path of career making.

Students that are determined and focused stand fair chance for achieving successful career and that might come to them through IIMs. Even then, it makes sense to understand how the top IIMs move ahead with their selection processes as the awareness on the same is not less than an exhaustive case study itself.

Getting into the best Indian Institute of Management: Understanding the process of admission

IIM Ahmedabad: It is the first name that would strike you when it comes to fraternity of IIMs. Application rating depends on marks obtained by students in 10th, 12th and graduation. No strict criterion in the initial phase. A good CAT score is not enough. Attention also provided to performance at graduation level.

IIM Bangalore: Marks obtained in 10th, 12th and even at graduation level is not merely taken on the face value. Only eligible candidates are asked to attend the following rounds of the admission process. Work experience is also taken into account. No extra points for fairer sex.

IIM Calcutta: Here gender diversity prevails during admissions with girls being provided extra points during the admission process. Maximum weightage is given to CAT scores and marks obtained in 10th and 12th. No separate treatment is given for marks obtained at graduation level.

IIM Lucknow: More weightage is given to academic and gender diversity. Scores obtained in graduation are not taken strictly at the face value. Marks are also allocated for work experience and if you are lucky enough, you get through to the next phase of the admission process.

Percentage for IIMs, here and there, keeps changing. Even if you have a CAT score of 95%, you don't stand a good chance of being pulled into one of the best IIMs. Your selection collectively depends on a smart combination of your CAT score, ability tests, GD/PI and plenty of other factors that you thought would never be applicable. It should be added that selection process for admissions into the top IIMs is getting tougher day by day but that's fair enough – after all, you are vying to grab a place into the best MBA College across the country!