Emerging fields of specialization in MBA program

After completion of graduation students often face dilemma over which degree course to select for best of career opportunities. Right now we are going to talk about MBA is better or MS and why?

First of all we need to understand the basic difference between these 2 degree programs. To start what exactly is MS all about and what does it offer?

MS known as Masters in Science, provides in-depth study of the subjects been selected. You can explore detailed study of mathematics, sociology, statistics, product design, distribution and much more. It is more specialized degree in comparison to MBA, with compact business MS programs and offers lesser flexibility as far as course options are concerned. Many of the MS programs prepare the students further for specific exams like CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), etc. It focus on ins and outs of certification exams.

As we all know MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is globally recognized degree, so it has very high importance to be there on your resume. MBA can be done in diversified subjects like marketing, finance, sales & marketing, HRD, hospital management, operations management, etc. Coursework in varied subjects can be studied.

Students who wish to have career flexibility and proper management training should choose MBA. Wide exposure to industry subjects and opportunities is given by means of case studies, different classes and assorted student body. Many times it happens that a student takes up MBA program from a top B-school, but by the time it gets finished they have lots of other career options that can be considered. MBA is always a safer option if you are not sure of the subject choice. MBA can be done full-time, part-time, distance education, evening, executive or weekend programs. Now online graduate programs are also available.

Why MBA is better than MS?

  • MBA offers more flexibility and has greater mass appeal than MS. The academic options like MBA is not available for MS. Only a handful of academic institutions offer academic options.
  • Top MBA programs can offer very high starting salary to the management students. It teaches specialized management skills that can be helpful to pursue diversified career opportunities.
  • Employers generally instantly recognize the MBA degree holders. As MBA prepares to handle management related various issues and situations. In present times any corporate company requires management staff that can handle complex management issues of everyday working and come up with constructive solution.
  • As an added benefit MBA students usually have number of years of work experience. Many top B-schools even demand previous work experience to give admission. MS confines you to a particular field, whereas MBA opens door to many career opportunities.
  • MBA programs provide general education and are constantly evolving according to the needs of the market. Top MBA programs even lays stress on concentrations and specializations.

MBA in general is for people who are there for money, career and title. On the other hand MS is more academic in nature and can take couple of years more to yield fruitful results. It's totally personal choice, some universities also offer a combination of both degree courses MBA with MS but that the number is very few.