Unconditional Vs Conditional offer letter of US University

After you have passed all through your entrance exams to study abroad and a strict profile evaluation for yourself, the next big thing is to get offer letter from the University you are targeting. The offer letter can be conditional or unconditional, let us see the difference between the two along with some real examples of foreign universities:

To start with a conditional offer letter has specific conditions attached to it, which means you need to have certain grades or marks for the same. Whereas unconditional offer letter has no conditions attached with it, here lower grades are also acceptable by the University been applied to.

An unconditional offer letter is usually given to students aspiring for foreign degree who have already met the requirements for the entrance to the university, and the institution has already accepted you as a student. If you have successfully submitted all the required documents and paid the fees, the university would hand over an unconditional offer letter. This type of letter is mandatory for the process of student loan from any bank. Here the university accepts you as a student with conditions attached.

In conditional offer letter, the university issues it when there is any pending document left to be submitted for instance like passport copy, semester mark sheet, IELTS/TOEFL score, etc. After you have made payment to the university, you would be given the admission.

University of Southampton

The first example is of University of Southampton to provide a clear picture of both types of offer letters.

They give conditional offer letter to students who have failed to provide all important documents such as final exam results and English language certificates at the time of application submission. If all other requirements have been fulfilled, they give a conditional offer letter. It implies that you have been given admission on successfully completing exams at a specified grade, got the receipt of English language certificate or any other condition that this University considers suitable.

University of Southampton provide unconditional offer letters to students after their profile evaluation, and who had submitted their application with all important documents attached with it. They should also meet all entry requirements. If you get this type of offer letter, you can apply for VISA.

There are many scholarship schemes that require an offer letter from the university to support it. Hence if you are planning for any kind of scholarship start preparing your documents and start the application process much in advance.

The University of Nottingham

When your application has been successfully submitted and accepted by the university they issue either conditional or unconditional offer letter depending upon the requirements been met by you.

The conditional offer letter can make you to study at this university if certain standards have been met. Few cases would be issued this type of offer letter with you won a specific grade in certain subject or English language score.

On the other hand an unconditional offer letter states that the student have met all academic requirements asked by the University.

Thus, these were some examples for the conditional and unconditional offer letter specifications of universities. More or less the terms and conditions to issue them is similar, the details can be procured on contacting the university at personally.