Visa, I-20 and Admission Confirmation

If you are a citizen of India and have received admission confirmation for MBA in the USA, it is pertinent that you immediately initiate the process for Visa application. The school or university must have sent you an I-20 form confirming that you can enroll as a non-immigrant student. The whole process of obtaining visa may take 90 days or longer. In the acceptance letter, you can find the link to form I-20 which constitutes the application for an F -1 Visa.

Visa is the stamp placed by the USA Consulate Office on a page on your passport. The F-1 category of visa allows you the status that legalizes your stay in the USA and you can have the benefits and restrictions as prescribed in the Immigration Regulation. The duration of your status determines the period during which you are a full time registered student progressing normally towards your degree. You get an optional period for practical training and grace period of 60 days as preparatory time for departing.

The following supporting documents are required to be submitted along with the I-20 application, in a single PDF file:

  • Program Information E-Form, filled in by the institution regarding information on the students' program of study.
  • A copy of your passport biographical page. It contains your photo and the expiry date of your passport. In case of renewal of your passport, see that the validation extension pages are included.
  • In case you studied in the USA earlier, copies of previous or current I-20s, DS-2019 or IAP-66s, I-94 and EAD cards.
  • Documents supporting your financial status, presented in English, which should not be older than four months. If you have dependents, requiring visa (F-2), you will be required to submit proof of funding $500 per month for a spouse and $300 per month for each child.
  • Proof of ties with your home country
  • Proof of payment of Student Exchange visitor Information System (SEVIS) fees.

For getting detailed information about visa application process, you can visit www.usembassy.gov of the USA embassy. You may visit the USA Department of Sate-Affiliated Education USA advising Centre office located at New Delhi. You can also get information from their website educationusa.info/centers.

At least three days prior to your visa interview, you will be required to pay the Visa fees of $ 200 that covers the cost of IT system utilized for recording your stay in the USA, (SEVIS). You can pay this from internationally valid credit card, by going to www.fmjfee.com . Get a print out of the copy of the receipt as evidence of payment.

You will also be required to pay an additional $ 160 as visa application fee at the USA Embassy or Consulate at New Delhi or at the Bank as designated by the consulate.

The new non-immigrant visa application form DS-160 should be completed online by following the guidelines available from www.travel.state.gov/visa/forms/forms_4230.html. Take special care to see that the spelling of your name you enter in the forms is exactly the same, as mentioned in your passport.