When USA Visa get rejected?

Students who wish to study in USA have to get the USA visa to get eligible for entry in this country. As we all know if you are an aspiring student it is always better to plan your trip in advance and apply for the non-immigrant visa.

Usually each and every visa applicant is interviewed and scanned by consular officer at USA embassy or consulate. After thorough review of the information provided, the USA Visa application is either accepted or denied.

What is Visa rejection?

What is visa rejection? Based on the USA immigration and visa law guidelines, a visa to study in USA is rejected if the applicant fails to ascertain his/her eligibility, the reason might be that they have been unable to fulfill requirements of a visa category or there are grounds for ineligibility that are based on visa case aspects. In simple words visa rejection is formal rejection of the non-immigrant visa application by the USA consular officer abiding by the guidelines of the Immigration and Nationality Act.


There can be multiple reasons for a visa refusal by the USA embassy or consulate. In such situations you receive a form that contains refusal clause or reason like 221g or 214b. There are many reasons why a visa application may be denied. In some instances, the application is denied because necessary information or supporting documents were not submitted by the applicant. In other instances, the application is denied for more serious reasons. An applicant's current and/or past actions, such as drug or criminal activities, as examples, may make the applicant ineligible for a visa.

There can be multiple reasons held responsible for visa rejection. Let's see some of the major reasons:

  • All necessary information or the supporting documents are not submitted by the applicant.
  • The applicant failed to successfully establish case about their USA visit which ensures that they would not immigrate permanently to USA.
  • The applicant possesses a criminal history of any serious crime, drug use or multiple encounters with the jail.
  • The applicant fails to give proper assurance that he/she would be able to support themselves financially during their academic stay.
  • The applicant has any past immigration issues or violations of the record.

The way out

Whenever a visa is denied, the applicant if provided a proper reason that is on the basis of section of law applicable. In such cases the consular officer advises the applicant if they can apply for a waiver of their eligibility.

Some visa denials can be overcome by the applicant on providing additional information that ensures about the applicant's visa eligibility. As an applicant if you think that you can provide more information and proof that can be helpful to the visa officer to give decision in your favor, then go for the re-application with all supporting information and documents. After that the final decision rests to the consular officers at USA. Embassies to decide the eligibility of the applicant on individual merits.

You can reapply for the USA visa as many times as you want. There is no time bondage on resubmitting the application after the visa rejection. If the applicant has the additional information or supporting documents needed, than the application can be re-submitted.