Australian official says his country a great education destination
An Australian official who was here last week said his country continued to be a great education destination…
My Life at Northeastern University
American people are co-operative and friendly. They believe in what you say. That's why they are so advanced.
Harvard initiative for college juniors
Harvard B-School (HBS) has opened its doors through this innovative programme exclusively for college juniors…
Blair Foundation to launch India fellowship
Hoping to combine faith with developmental goals, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation (TBFF) has launched a fellowship in India to encourage young people to work in their own communities…
British varsity offers Ph.D. course
University of Southampton's School of Medicine, which is one of the top ten medical schools in the U.K….
My Life at Northern Illinois University
Northern Illinois University is good for Industrial engineering department and also the university has got funds, projects and also the research work which is being carried out is of my interest….
img China 18.5%
img India 15.2%
img South Korea 10.4%
img Canada 4.01%
img Taiwan 3.09%
img Japan 3.06%

*Source :-Open Doors
Top 5 Engineering and Technology Universities 2010 into the USA
imgTop 5 Engineering Universities
img California Institute of Technology
img Massachusetts Institute of Technology
img Stanford University
img Princeton University
img University of California Berkeley
*Source :-Academic Ranking of World Universities(ARWU)  
Did you know?
Zeenat Aman, Shruti Haasan, Prithviraj Chavan, Prakash Amritraj, Vikram Chandra and Venkatraman Ramakrishnan attended which US University?
Ο Columbia University         Ο California University               Ο Boston University
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