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Should Bachelors Degree Be Done From Abroad?
There was a trend some years ago when Indian students chose to go abroad for higher education but now the trend is.......
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"The people at HDFC Credila were easily approachable and the
loan process was smooth."
Mr. Pramod Nataraja, 11-12
From Bangalore

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
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star The Starfish
Once a man was walking along a beach. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Off in the distance he could see a person going back and forth between the surf's edge and and the beach. Back and forth this person went. As the man approached, he could see that there were hundreds of starfish stranded on the sand as the result of the natural action of the tide. The man was stuck by the the apparent futility of the task. There were far too many starfish. Many of them were sure to perish. As he approached, the person continued the task of picking up starfish one by one and throwing them into the surf.As he came up to the person, he said: "You must be crazy. There are thousands of miles of beach covered with starfish. You can't possibly make a difference." The person looked at the man. He then stooped down and pick up one more starfish and threw it back into the ocean. He turned back to the man and said: "It sure made a difference to that one!"
star Did you know?
Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history:
imgSpades King David imgClubs Alexander the Great
imgHearts Charlemagne imgDiamonds Julius Caesar

Free Course by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
New Delhi: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US, has announced its first free electronics course to begin in March, which can be studied online. The course is designed to be fully automated,......
Higher studies in Scandinavian countries
Of late many students, who are planning to pursue higher education abroad, are opting universities in Scandinavian countries.........

World 'reputation' rankings: US universities in lead
Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are top of a global league table of university reputation - in a top 100 dominated by US institutions.......

Australian Accolade
KOLKATA: On February 23 Australian high commissioner kept up with the tradition of awarding deserving candidates with Endeavour Scholarships. These internationally competitive scholarships are merit .......

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