6 Indian Students bag the prestigious Gates Cambridge scholarships
6 Indian students have obtained the esteemed Gates Cambridge scholarships...
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Where Can You Study Abroad for Free?
There are many countries worldwide where students are able to study abroad for free...
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How to select a University
There are three criteria while selecting a US University
1. Reputation of the University
2. Placement record
3. Affordability
Anuj Parikh, Disha Consultants, Ahmedabad
HDFC Credila regularly conducts web-based seminars and chats with experts regarding various aspects related to higher education in India and abroad.
Care free my life has become,
And for studies to abroad I can fly.
Respect I have started gaining,
So I am very much overjoyed.
Educating myself at the best,
Now it is for sure possible,
For financing for my education,
On others now I don't have to rely.
Dreams are now changing into actual,
Now higher & higher I can fly.
Imaginations are turning into real,
That's why I can now to touch the sky.
Lavish my life has become,
It feels really great.
Ample of opportunities,
I have started gaining so,
to 'CREDILA' I want to appreciate.