7 Reasons Your Children Should Study Abroad

Sending your children for their MS or MBA in metro cities and top notch colleges in India doesn't come cheap. Like all parents you would also want your children to get the best career opportunities available in the market. What you might not have considered before is the possibility of sending your children to study abroad for their higher education. You might have dismissed the idea because of its high cost but with the emerging popularity of studying in tuition free countries like Germany, there is definitely hope for your children to study abroad.

Studying in a foreign country does not just add credits to your child's academics. There are various other benefits that you might not envision right now but in the long run can become quite handy for them.

Studying abroad is an experience unlike any other. Here are a few reasons, why you should consider sending your children abroad for their education:

1. Experience different styles of education

Your children get the chance to experience various styles of education. Countries like USA, Canada, Germany and some others have practical approaches and fund students' research programs. By enrolling in a study abroad program that supports them, your children have the opportunities to get exposure that may not be available in India.

2. It highlights their Curriculum Vitae

When your children finish their study abroad program and return home, they return not just with an impressive educational qualification, but also new language skills, knowledge about different cultures, and a willingness to learn. All of these looks very attractive to future employers. Often, students find great job opportunities in the foreign countries itself.

3. Improve language skills

Those who study abroad always have a chance to learn foreign languages. There is no better way to learn a new language than to interact with people who speak that language. It becomes easier to improve the language skills when they see and hear it in the right cultural context. If your child goes to Germany, France or Japan, it is obvious that they'll be able to speak basic German, French or Japanese; which will definitely attract many multi nationals. Knowing foreign languages will always keep your children one step ahead in the competitive global job market.

4. Gain independence

Have you been worried that your children are not self-sufficient as you used to be at their age? Probably it is because they never understood how important it is to be independent. Being in a new place by themselves, children learn to adapt to diverse situations and solve all problems on their own.

5. Get a global mind-set

Those who study abroad tend to learn a lot about various cultures around the world from their classmates, peers and locals in the foreign country. This knowledge along with a global mind-set comes handy when they work in multinational organizations. They can easily back up their arguments and make informed decisions when they are aware about the global demands.

6. They will appreciate home and family more

You don't value what you have until you lose it! That's quite true with most people. The biggest problems your children have when they are home would be the parental arguments and sibling rivalry. When they step out of their comfort zone and go to a foreign country to study, those incidents may become some of the best memories. Likewise, you will forget about all their less attractive characteristics. When your children return, you will see that the familial ties are much stronger.

7. Enjoy life

Everyone wants to travel around the world and see new things. Your children get this opportunity at a very young age. They will have some time off even during their education to travel the world with no commitments and learn about new cultures.