Avoid mistakes while choosing your Majors

Often Indian students get confused when it comes to choosing a college major as they have no clear career objective set in mind. The chance of studying abroad itself is so overwhelming that they find themselves with little time to consider the varied range of major options available to them for their studies before they fly abroad. In fact, only a few are found to be aware of the vast majority of academic majors available for them. Most are unaware of the diverse subject choices available for their studies.

Fortunately, some universities do not require students to choose major as soon as they get an entry. Students are provided with a few years to find out their area of interest before deciding on the academic major. Deciding on a college major can change the future course of life and hence any error in making the decision can turn out to be a highly costly one. Here are some of the mistakes that students need to avoid when deciding on a college major.

  • Following the crowd

  • Indian students look out for the popular courses rather than follow their own interest when choosing their area of study. The choice of major is often guided by its popularity count and the relative job prospects that graduating from a subject brings. Indian students opt for the safe subjects on the assumption that more the number of people choose them, the better the majors prove for future scope. This is one of the reasons why we see larger preference for some academic fields such as science, accounting, management and economics. However, students should stop going by the choice of crowd and invest the initial few years in finding their acumen and field of interest in order to achieve success in future.

  • Considering pay over passion

  • The main consideration of almost all students when choosing a major is the prospect of getting high-paying jobs. Financial prospects are given much value than the interest in particular academic field. Although it is practical for students to take into account the financial opportunities that choosing a particular academic field can lead but it should not be the sole guiding point in making the decision. Often students end up faring poorly in subjects that they dislike but had to opt for only because of the potential salaries that one can earn after graduating in those fields. Academic interest should be taken into consideration when choosing a major.

  • Worry about job prospects

  • Although research about job prospects is recommended before choosing a college major, excessive fear over job horizons arising from warnings from people should not deter one to follow their academic interest. With a little bit of courage and determination to excel, one can take giant strides in the academic field one chooses despite warnings of limited opportunities in the field.