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Busting The Top 8 Study Abroad Myths

Studying abroad is a life-changing decision. Misinformation keeps many students from even thinking of studying abroad. Many of them also feel that studying abroad is way too expensive for them and it won't be of any benefit to their careers. The reality? Most of them are myths.

Here are a few most common myths related to studying abroad. Read on to clear up your confusion!

Myth 1. It is very expensive
This is one of the most commonly heard myth. Some courses and countries do have very expensive programs, but there is a large range of affordable options too. The cost of your education varies as per your destination, location of the university, type of program and the duration of your course.

Many Indian students consider US or Canada as their top priority for their studies. However, other countries like Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, Denmark and New Zealand have also become popular study destination in the last few years. Most of the German colleges do not take or take very minimal tuition fees which makes Germany one of the popular higher education destinations for Indians.

Myth 2. It is all partying
Studying abroad is not a glorified vacation. It is about studying and building valuable skills that get you a job. It is important to inform your parents (link to 'how to convince your parents to study abroad' can be added here) that you intend to focus on your education and expand your career opportunities.

Myth 3. It is unsafe
There will always be some parts of the world which are in a state of war or civil unrest and its best to avoid them. With a bit of research, you can find out the safest student cities. You may also check travel websites as they advise about places that are safe for travel. Every year thousands of Indian students go to various countries to pursue their dream of higher education abroad. If they can, so can you

Myth 4. You need to know a foreign language
English is the first language in many places around the world. In most non-English-speaking countries, the top universities offer a range of courses entirely in English. Learning a foreign language is not mandatory for study abroad.

If you want to pursue a course in a foreign language, you can always join a language course before your chosen course begins.

Myth 5. Employers don't care about study abroad
That's not true! Global companies value international experience greatly. With the changing time, many companies have international ties and they always prefer to hire people who can communicate and work cross culturally.

If you've learn the basics of a foreign language during your study abroad, it's a feather in the cap. Knowing a foreign language along with your foreign degree can work wonders on your career prospects.

Myth 6. It is difficult to make friends abroad
If you are a friendly and social person, you can make friends wherever you go. There are thousands of students who study abroad, so you are likely to come across students who are new to the place just like you.

It's a great opportunity for you to make friends from all over the world. There have been many instances of students becoming friends for life after their shared time during their study abroad.

Myth 7. There aren't enough scholarships
There are numerous merit based full and partial scholarships provided by various universities worldwide. Many foreign governments, universities and organizations also offer scholarships based on the financial needs of students.

You can find out the university/college based scholarship details on their website. In addition, many private companies like HDFC Credila (apply for loan link can be added here) offer you student loan facilities.

Myth 8. The experience is same as that of touring abroad
World tour may be a great way to see places, but you will not get the opportunity to blend in with the people there, learn their culture or a new language in such a short duration.

While travelling, you'll be a tourist whereas during your study abroad, you'll be living as a local in a foreign country. You get to meet new people, adjust to the new culture and interact with people from all over the world, which will add to your experience. It is always good to be a student at a foreign country to experience the best of tit.

Don't downsize your dreams because of these myths. Decide to study abroad now!

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