Look beyond the rankings! Here's your guide to shortlisting universities and funding your education

Congratulations on having taken the first step to shape your future! An even bigger decision now awaits you; that of choosing the university which is not just right, but right for you.

Before you send out those applications, here’s what you should know when you're shortlisting colleges and universities:

  • Understand rankings
    It is essential to select a college or university that is the 'best fit' for you basis the course you want to pursue. It might be prudent therefore, to consider rankings that highlight the top colleges with regards to the programme you have in mind.
  • Be practical
    Don't stretch yourself too thin and burden yourself with more applications than you can manage. Applying to 8-10 universities is considered optimal, to ensure that the quality of your applications does not suffer. It's also crucial to remember that each application costs money; hence shortlisting viable options carefully is essential.
  • Get information
    One of the best ways to get information about the university of your choice is to connect with other students enrolled there. Reach out over email and connect through your network of people or visit the campus personally, if possible, to get valuable insights.

The bottom line

Once the university and programme have been shortlisted, students address the elephant in the room, i.e., how to fund their education. Funding can often be a constraint for applicants, which is where a reputed, new-age lender such as HDFC Credila can pave the way by offering customised student loan solutions. With attractive benefits such as flexible repayment options* and tax benefits* under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act, it is prudent to evaluate availing an education loan versus the more traditional self-funding.

Remember that pursuing an education overseas is a dream for many students, and it takes a lot to make that dream come true. When presented with the opportunity, give it your best shot, and carve your path towards a successful career.

*T&C apply