Is it a right decision to Study Abroad?

Making a decision of studying abroad is a huge one. Because of the kind of choices that a student has; in terms of the different countries and the kind of studies that universities in each country offer?


If you want to study abroad, start planning much ahead of the completion of your studies in India. Planning is the first step that will help you in deciding when to take the must-do exams to study abroad like TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc., the paperwork to be filled up, organizing finances etc. It would definitely help to have a To-Do List, probably in MS Excel Sheet Format and put down dates against each item on the List, so that you are organized, know the direction to take in this process and also have a clarity on all the items to be ticked off.

Collection of Information:

Each university will have a website which you can thoroughly go through. This will help you in deciding if the studies that you are looking for is offered by this university, the scholarships and financial assistance available, the culture of the place, the closest city/town, accommodation available, the extra-curricular activities that the university offers etc. Speaking to students who have passed out of this university or who are still students there will greatly help. Each University also has an international student council/association and talking to them and getting all your questions/doubts cleared is a good idea. Also reach out to friends/relatives who might be studying in this particular university.

There are also other questions that you might have to ask yourself, such as:

  • What are your goals and expectations of studying abroad – is it to get a global perspective or a new way of life? What do you want from this whole process of being a foreign student? This will also help you in preparing your Statement of Purpose, which most universities in the USA and UK ask international students to fill out.
  • Is the university/city/town safe for foreign students?
  • Do you have family or friends in that particular location that you have chosen who can help you in case of an emergency/problem?

  • Financial Decisions:

    It is very important to start saving as much money as possible, as soon as you decide that you want to study abroad. You also need to plan on your finances, whether your parents or a relative is going to support you, how much do you need in terms of financial assistance from the university and plan for other expenses like accommodation, travel, entertainment, living expenses etc.

    Each students' experience of studying abroad is different and to make the most of your study abroad program depends entirely on you and what you make of it.