Emerging fields of specialization in MBA program

MBA program degree is most happening in demand course globally, the scene is similar for India too. MBA courses in India have various specializations, from which students can choose the ones of their choice. Specializations in finance, operations, sales & marketing, Human resources, IT, etc are the common and readily available ones in most of the B-schools. MBA aspirants get the chance to learn specialized managerial skills and develop leadership qualities during the MBA program.

Now is the age of specialized MBA which is marked by increased faculty and institutional strength. Let us see some of the latest addition of emerging field in MBA:

MBA in Ecommerce/E-business

MBA aspirants are increasing opting for MBA in Ecommerce/E-business due to boom in the internet. The fact is backed by the 120 million websites that are registered online. E-commerce market is ever growing. Thus new business entrepreneurs are encouraged to start their own online business.

MBA in Ecommerce makes the candidates well-equipped with knowledge and know-how of capacity planning, inventory management, forecasting and shipment of products to the customers. These factors are detrimental for ecommerce future.

MBA in Decision Sciences

MBA in Decision Sciences is all about application of mathematical modeling, its analysis and to manage & resolve the problems. This field of specialization is for students who are specific thinkers, and aim to build things on their ability of work on spread sheets with perfect analysis. By this degree you can become a skilled builder, models consumer and model-based analyses.

The candidates develop a disciplined thinking process and organized approach for solving management related issues. MBA in Decision Sciences offers complete training in these field thus better mathematical models can be developed and applied to the area of work. The spreadsheet tool is useful for quantitative analysis for its designing, building and testing the data.

MBA in Supply Chain Management

MBA market in India is now witnessing the advent of specialization in ‘Supply Chain Management'. Proper and effective supply chain management has become necessary and compulsory for many industries across the globe, as the geographical distance among the manufacturers, distributors and customers have increased. After doing MBA in Supply Chain Management candidates can look forward to jobs as logistics, supply chain, operations manager, analyst and consultant.

MBA in Tourism / Hospitality / Leisure

The hospitality and tourism industry all over the globe is growing year-by-year. Thus there is constant demand for professionals who can handle issues pertaining to this sector. MBA in Tourism teaches the concept of online travel booking also, to market any amusement park and much more.

MBA in Retail and Consumer Goods

The market for retail and consumer goods is huge and expanding. MBA in retail and consumer goods provide opportunity to students to select the relevant functional concentrations like marketing, sales, HR, operations and build networking channels through various mediums.