Scholarships- A boon in face of financial crunch

Scholarships for students:

To study abroad in a good and reputed B-school or University arrangement of finances is matter of concern. Search all through your financial aid options before applying to any college in USA. The Scholarships in USA for student option and locate what is required to apply for the award. Proper and complete information would help you to start early and gain financial aid package from the college in the form of scholarship.

1. Kellogg school of management:

Students are awarded wide range of merit scholarships by office of admissions. It is for the students who have performed exceptionally well in various areas of their applications. Selected applicants are automatically considered for merit scholarships in USA. They are awarded during the admission process. Students might receive the award at the time of their decision. However previously admitted students also stand a chance to win a scholarship at Kellogg school of management.

F.C. Austin Scholarships, Peter L. Frechette Scholarship, David F. and Margaret T. Grohne Family Foundation Scholarship, Donald P. Jacobs International Scholarships, Forte Foundation/Kellogg Scholarships and diversity scholarships are names and type of scholarships awarded by the College.

2. Harvard Business School:

Harvard Business School awards fellowships to admitted students with limited finances. These fellowships are supported by the alumni and friends of HBS out of their commitment to invest in the B-school students. Students desirous of fellowship can apply after admission in MBA program. HBS offers around 50% of their students an average of $32,000 per year for need-based HBS fellowships.

The HBS fellowship is based on analysis of students' income of prior 3 years and assets. For married ones, their spouse income and assets are also considered. Harvard Business School has a base loan package before granting the fellowship. Their fellowships would fund the students' financial need ahead of the base loan package and student contribution.

3. Wharton School of Pennsylvania:

The MBA financial aid office of Wharton College gives financial help to students irrespective of the background and citizenship in the form of grants, fellowships and scholarships program. It is from both outside and inside sources of Wharton. They recommend carrying good research of financial aid opportunities before starting the MBA program. The notification of the fellowship award is given out at the time of admission decision.

4. Columbia Business School:

Students can avail partial-tuition scholarships from Columbia Business School, it is valid for both domestic and international students. Scholarships are need-based, some do have a merit element. Interested students can visit their ‘Admitted students' website' for scholarships application details.

The applications should be submitted after admission in the MBA program. Date of admission is the date when the admission office informs the student through email. As the request for financial aid is processed in the order they are received, students should complete and submit it as soon as possible after admission confirmation.

Columbia business school awards a number of scholarships to the students which can be gained access on their website. The scholarships awarded by universities help the talented students pursue their higher studies without worry in case of financial crunch.