The difference between Fellowships and Assistantships?


Fellowships are most respected term for students who are pursuing their foreign degree. Its exact meaning can vary depending upon its scope, the offerings and the specifications required. In general fellowships are given through monetary benefits popularly known as 'scholarships' at graduate or post graduate entry level. Here the already graduate or pursuing students receive extra training in respective field with funds to continue the research, which they get through stipends. This stipend is somewhat higher than the living wage, given by private or public institution. Students that are studying abroad can devotedly complete their research or internship without investing time in working outside to arrange for additional money for educational support.

Another description that describes fellowships is- upper level of training accompanied by some payment is also known as fellowship. Especially the students who are pursuing the doctoral degree devote time to teaching too, are rewarded for the work scholarships.

The word fellowship is so inspiring as it consists of your study area, receiving a full-blown career start and addition of an impressive terminology to the resume. During scholarships or fellowships students get the chance to work with professionals, get good guidance and form good connections with other people from the same field that lead to better career opportunities. Fellowships are for students who want to discover better opportunities in their respective fields.

The best thing about graduate school scholarships especially if you study in abroad is, they are highly assorted and given by hundreds of educational institutions to students and working professionals too. For further information on such institutes check out the organizations that encourage research or advance study. It is a great support to the aspiring students and helps them monetarily.


In simple words graduate assistantship allows graduate students to work for their respective college or university and get some amount paid in the form of stipend along with bonus of free tuition. These assistantships are competitive by nature that varies from university to university. Students with bright academic record can avail its benefits by getting experience with continuing education.

Assistantships are basically financial aid received with on-going studies, they work while they study within the university setting, usually that is in academic department. Many universities relate it to your Ph.D.

Universities may call assistantships by different names but they are of 3 types:

1. Graduate Student Assistants.

2. Graduate Teaching Assistants.

3. Graduate Research Assistants.

Assistantships offered varies from university to university, in some places academic positions are even offered. While in some cases the Graduate school offers graduate assistant positions. Few provide the combination of both. The amount of compensation and advantages may differ from institution to institution and the employment fraction. Most of them give students tuition scholarships and salary.

As far as responsibilities of graduate assistants, they generally have teaching responsibilities that include teaching in the classrooms or in the labs. Some have research related responsibilities while others have varied responsibilities. If you are intending for assistantships, begin your research one year prior to your graduate program.