Want to Pursue MBA? Everything you need to know before applying for MBA

What is MBA?

What is an MBA? The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate degree awarded for successful completion of a college or university MBA program. For those who have an undergraduate degree in business; the MBA is the next step in their educational progression. Professionals who have undergraduate degrees in other disciplines pursue MBA as a career strategy to move into management roles in their chosen fields.

The MBA is currently the most popular professional degree program in the world. Today there are more than 2,500 MBA programs offered all over worldwide. MBA was introduced at USA universities around in 20th century, MBA programs have evolved in order to keep up with the demands of the times. While two-year MBA programs are still common, especially in the United States, one-year programs have become increasingly popular. Part-time and distance-learning programs are also widely available and popular. Most MBA programs are taught in English, and are therefore attractive to international students wishing to study abroad. Many institutions in non-English speaking countries offer MBA programs in English, as well as in the country's native language.

Types of MBA Programs:

  • Full-time program. This is the standard program. It requires a typical workload and is geared towards students who can take a couple years off from work. When I attended my MBA program, I knew a number of students who went to school full-time while holding a full-time job as well. That is a very intensive option, though, that is not for everyone.

  • The Executive MBA are a sub-type of the full time form of MBA and it can be either one or two years. It is designed to meet the education requirements of the upper management level. The prospective student is expected to have at least five years of work experience and the contribution of the student to the program is also an important decision factor for the admission.

  • Dual MBA course. Many applicant choose to study another field at the same time they pursue a degree in business. Number of law applicants are pursuing and had pursued MBAs with their legal studies at universities that offer this option.

  • Accelerated MBA Program –this course is completed in 18 months, accelerated MBA program is similar to the full time MBA program, but it has less down time between semesters. For example, you may take classes over the summer and winter breaks.

    Joint programs:

    A regular time MBA program partnered with another regular -time graduate program is known as a joint degree or dual degree. This programs are usually combined with law, healthcare, administration, engineering, technology, international studies, or public policy. Applicant must apply individually for each program. Both degree are usually conducted in same school. Joint degree programs are very good opportunities to career switchers or individuals early in their careers.

    Do you have an MBA or are you currently enrolled in business school? What has your experience been? Please share in the comments below.