We want to be students' chosen financier

4 March 2011

An education loan from HDFC Credila offers incredible opportunities and features for students and parents. HDFC Credila is India?s only dedicated education loan company and hence their field of expertise. A HDFC Credila education means hassle-free loan approval and easy repayment.
HDFC Credila offers education loans at incredible low rates of interest and are customised to the requirements of the students and their respective courses. That means, the more the course fee in a particular institute, the more the loan for the same institute.
HDFC Credila helps to parents and students find the exact required margin money, the portion of the fees which is not covered by the loan and has to be paid by them, so that they don?t have to run from pillar to post to find the amount. In certain cases, HDFC Credila also offers loan amount which is more than the value of the collateral security provided.
HDFC Credila?s large database of institutes, their finances and prospects means that students and parents can stop worrying about proving that the college or University and course applied for is appropriate for them. HDFC Credila provides the loan approval letter in time so that students do not face any problem while applying for Visa or while taking admissions.
HDFC Credila also provides round the clock support to its customers during the repayment cycle and accepts overseas repayment as well.
With all these features, HDFC Credila education loans are the best choice for students who want to fulfil their dreams of higher and better education.

Source: BuzzEdu