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1. How can I apply to HDFC Credila?

Applying to HDFC Credila is very convenient. You can choose from any of the following options:

Call Tollfree No. : 1800-209-3636
Email :
Apply online at

2. What is the education loan process at HDFC Credila?

HDFC Credila has a student friendly 3-step education loan application process:

Step 1: Convenient application process

  • Apply online at
  • Call/ SMS/ email to avail door step service
  • Visit the nearest branch office

Step 2: Minimal documentation

  • Submit one page application form & documents to HDFC Credila
  • Avail door-step service for document collection, or
  • Submit the documents at your nearest HDFC Credila/ HDFC Ltd. branch office.

Step 3: Faster loan approvals & disbursement

  • Quick loan approval post completion of all formalities
  • Collect your loan from the HDFC Credila office

HDFC Credila has a quick, convenient and hassle-free loan application process.

3. What are the words you don't want to ever see in an application?

Ans: We encourage students and parents to be absolutely transparent in sharing all their information. It not only indicates the good intentions of the borrowers but also help lenders (especially HDFC Credila) to customize an offering based on the requirements

4. What is the step by step process to avail the education loan from HDFC Credila?

HDFC Credila has a student friendly education loan application process:

  • 1. HDFC Credila informs you about the details of education loan and related terms and conditions
  • 2. HDFC Credila sets an appointment with you for the house visit
  • 3. HDFC Credila's representative visits your house and collects application form with the supporting documents. We can visit the house of students and parents both, even if they are in different towns. HDFC Credila has presence across India.
  • 4. The application goes through credit and underwriting process
  • 5. We check credit history of parents and students
  • 6. We visit students and parents for employment and other verifications, valuation reports etc.
  • 7. We perform risk analysis using HDFC Credila's "Predictive Credit Scoring Model"
  • 8. We sanction or decline the loan
  • 9. For sanctioned loans, disbursement formalities get completed
  • 10. HDFC Credila disburses the loan amount

HDFC Credila Financial Services Limited is a subsidiary of HDFC Limited, a leading financial services company of India.
HDFC Credila Financial Services Limited
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