Indian student should choose to study in USA

Increase employment: Employers prefer candidates with an international outlook. Studying in USA provides the applicants with the particular knack. Moreover, exposure to multicultural candidates from across the world provides with an opportunity to earn exposure to different cultures, which benefits at professional front.

  • Enhance personal growth: Exposure to an altogether new environment, new culture and new friends leads to personal growth because applicants need to communicate with teachers, locals, students from other nations and other individuals as well. Moreover, it exposes to develop an understanding about teamwork.

  • Broadening knowledge base: Studying in different country leads to studying in new environment, with new classroom structure, course structure, teaching methodology and even new marking system, which only ends in the knowledge base further.

  • Gain personal satisfaction: Thriving in different environments with different people and studying in a new education system, all these factors lead to personal satisfaction. Nothing can bring happiness similar to this one experience.

  • Greater Career advancements: Understanding of international education system, exposure to different culture and readiness to travel, all these factors collectively account to greater career advancement opportunities, especially to Indians

  • Showcase Credibility: Studying abroad is perceived as an evidence of persistence, determination and intellectual power that showcases credibility and ability to handle complex situations. All these are the most sought after qualities for filling up a senior position in large organizations.

  • Language Skills: Learning different languages and practising different accents leads to clarity in speech and at the same time, increases attractiveness towards large organisations with multinational operations.

  • Financial Implications: Adding an American degree in CV implies more understanding, exposure and hence better paid-off salaries.

  • Achieve a sense of accomplishment: The untiring efforts put in while pursuing studies end up in successful career opportunities, at least most of the times. This brings with it, a sense of accomplishment.

  • Greater recognition and credibility: Advanced degree mentioned in resume adds on to candidate's recognition and credibility. In addition to this, the knowledge gained is reflected in procedures followed and projects handled.

  • Increase the probability of getting married: On a lighter note, NRIs are one of the most influential groom breed until today. In addition to these, prospective brides residing abroad look out for a groom residing in US but rooted in India. It indeed becomes, a win-win situation to both – bride and groom, as well.