Can an Arts student join MBA program?

MBA admissions in India and abroad need you to have at least graduate or bachelor's degree to get admitted. Usually this eligibility degree can be from any field but from a recognized university from anywhere in the world. MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration that shows that at the end what matters is to be a good administrator.

B-schools witness students from various educational and vocational backgrounds joining the degree program for better job opportunities after MBA. Prime reason why more and more arts graduates are opting for MBA program is, this course allows shifting focus and industry, plus permits the students to earn credentials in respected fields. MBA degree program opens doors for new job opportunities for the arts students. They develop new skills, acquire deeper knowledge of entrepreneurship and can change career path altogether.

In-fact the diverse backgrounds of the students, help students exchange their knowledge and experiences that eventually enrich their overall intellectual skills. But why MBA for arts graduate? MBA courses are designed to allow your career develop to its fullest potential at a faster pace. In addition to strong life experiences, you get to learn three main values of skills, branding and networking.

This degree program allows students to learn hard skills like operations, marketing, finance, accounting, economics and management. Also learn soft skills of ethics, leadership, teamwork and communication. These set of skills in combination form the base for effective management. Arts students get the opportunity to learn these skills both inside and outside the classroom. This multi-dimensional course leverage the differences among the educational background and translate it into better learning opportunities.

Job opportunities after MBA course is highly lucrative and diversified. You can learn additional skills of management and leadership, also the brand of B-school that you attend influences the type of campus placement that you get.

Various area of specialization in MBA course for arts students are:

  • MBA in hospitality management
  • MBA in human resources
  • MBA in marketing and sales
  • MBA in retail management
  • MBA in banking
  • MBA in economics
  • MBA in logistics
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in communications
  • MBA in e-business
  • MBA in operations
  • MBA in e-commerce
  • MBA in entrepreneurship, etc.

Eligibility criteria

Aspiring arts students must have at least 50% passing marks in graduation from any recognized university. There is relaxation of 5% marks for the SC/ST candidates. Age no bar for this degree program. If you are in the final year of graduation, then you are eligible to apply for it.

Entrance exams

To get admission in top b-schools you need to pass either of below listed entrance exams or the ones that are conducted by the MBA College:

  • CAT- Common Admission Test
  • MAT- Management Aptitude Test
  • GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test
  • XAT- Xavier Aptitude Test
  • CMAT- Common Management Admission Test
  • JMET- Joint Management Entrance Test, etc

As far as getting good placement is concerned, it depends on two factors viz., the on-campus placements of your B-school and the grades or marks that you scored in MBA course.