Difference between MBA Finance and MS Finance

Over the recent years, an increasing number of working people and students from around the globe are showing interest to take up degree courses in finance given the global demand for finance executives. However, most student face confusion when it comes to choosing the right finance course that can boost their career and also increase their chances of getting lucrative job offers from global recruiters. MBA in finance and MS finance are both highly popular degree programs among students but they are entirely different fields of study. People often face confusion as to which finance program would work best in their favor. A thorough research on both fields of study can help a student make the right choice.

Pros of MBA Finance
With an MBA degree in finance, you can expect to secure better paying jobs in the competitive market. Renowned global recruiters prefer to hire MBA-finance degree holders and rankers for their best profiles and challenging key positions. Hence, successful completion of this professional course can certainly prove to be a turnaround for people in the lookout for lucrative career advancement opportunities in top designated multinationals, banks, corporate institutions, financial companies, trading firms, investment banks, and monetary institutions and so on.

Pros of MS Finance
Masters in Finance course is certain to open up endless career avenues. Aspirants will also have the choice of taking their preferred specialization subject when taking up MS in finance. Students with a specialization in computational finance, financial engineering or other such subjects as is offered as part of specialization areas with MS finance degree are certain to have an edge over other degree holders in the competitive global job market. MS finance will help individuals have a solid foundation about the ideals, principles and practices as required in handling tough finance tasks. The successful completion of degree can enable students to opt for jobs in diverse fields, including asset management firms, banks, financial software and consulting firms, insurance companies, manufacturing companies and pension firms.

Comparison between MBA and MS Finance
MBA Finance is a post graduation course where finance is only a specialization subject. Hence it touches only the basics of finance topics. While MS Finance is a more finance-oriented course and helps a person to acquire knowledge on diverse finance related topics. Career-wise, MBA finance degree holders can look out for jobs in areas apart from finance, whereas MS finance are less likely to find better job opportunities beyond the finance sector.

MBA or MS finance getting it from abroad
Be it an MBA or MS in finance, a degree in either of these two finance programs from abroad is sure to lend you with a competitive edge and enhance your future prospects. The exposure as secured during completion of the finance degree from foreign university will make you a favorite of the global recruiters.

MBA or MS Finance getting it from India
India features several renowned Universities and institutes where people can successfully obtain finance degree in MBA or MS. Quality of education imparted in these institutes have also improved significantly. With MBA finance or MS finance degree, students can expect to get good career options in future.