Expectations of students after MBA Courses in India

Organisations have certainly turned out to be very demanding for filling various managerial positions, often asking for the MBA degree from the applicants. Thus with the growing competition for limited positions in the corporate, the students need to know what is expected from them as a future prospect for the desired position in the company.

There is a huge list of expectations of students, both by the employers as well as the professors from the future "Master's" in business administration. Here is a concise list of what the employers and the professors expect for the students who are developing their MBA career successfully.

Act Professionally
Professionalism is the key for being successful as MBA student. All your MBA projects should be completed on time. The MBA papers and presentations as well as examinations should be impeccable, impressive and very well documented. The work should be prepared in such manner as if you are presenting a report to the Board of Directors of the company.

Be Committed to the School or Company
The student portrays the image of the institution, so the work developed by him/her should be such that it gives an excellent image of the college. So if you have completed your MBA degree from IIM Shillong, then your work and performance should reflect that you belong to one of the top MBA colleges in India. Show commitment by getting fully engaged and participating in discussions.

Be Honest
Honesty is an essential skill or value which you should possess. This should be reflected while doing your assignments and tests without adopting any unethical means to complete them. MBA projects require commitment and honesty while they are worked upon, taking online help or using Google is not unethical, however copying someone else's content is wrong .Thus show honesty while developing your assignments or attempting the tests given to you.

Be Respectful
Respect is something which the institution, company, professors and even the fellow students or managers desire of you. The learning curve and the grasp on subject are not similar for every student. So while studying or during your career keep in mind not to disrespect anyone be it your subordinates, colleagues or your manager. Treat all your fellow students and colleagues with full dignity and decency.

Show Teamwork
Working alone does not show your leadership skills rather it shows that you are not a good team player. The corporate world is all about teams and groups. You need to work with different kinds of people with various temperaments, so you need to have the quality of developing healthy relationships while being respectful. The professors are very much responsible for developing the quality of teamwork by assigning group tasks or team MBA projects. You should work actively in order to create an excellent performance driven team.

Thus to enhance your chances of bagging better job opportunities after MBA you should be a graduate student who can act as an agent of change, can lead and create an impact on the professors as well as the future employer.