Work experience for top MBA programs

The number of B schools has increased but with the growing competition getting admission to them is an endeavor. The best way to get admission to prepare an effective application with the all the major components in place which generally impress the admission committee and brighten up your chances of getting selected. Although the admission criteria varies from school to school but the common factors that most of them look for are academic qualifications, personal background, extracurricular activities, personal achievements and accolades and most importantly work experience. In short, all the core areas are important but the most critical one is the work experience.

Most of the top MBA programs are looking for people with practical business experience although they have not specified the duration. Most of the top B schools are looking for applicants with a minimum of two years full time work experience and as many as five to six years equation is a multivariable one although average works out three years. If someone has less than two years of experience they need to reconsider their decision to apply for the business schools and the professionals suggests them to wait for a year or two to gain enough of this experience. So it's very difficult to figure out since, sometimes it even depends on the candidates intelligence, leadership quality, team work capacity and other key qualities. According to a survey conducted in 2012 the MBA applicants are increasing their work experience prior applying for the top MBA programs and it shows that the ratio of individual with five years have increased.

Whatever may be the length of the experience, professional experience is an opportunity for the applicants to learn and build their knowledge with the prior work experience. Some other benefits of the work experiences are as follows –

  • Working with different companies in different locations and interacting with wide variety of people helps in building up the leadership qualities and even builds up communication skills. Schools prefer knowledgeable students who can actively participate in classroom discussions and elevates the standards of discussions by sharing their practical experience which can be enriching for others and differentiates them from others and create a niche for them.
  • It builds up the ability to take risks and you start learning from them and even if you make mistakes, it will be a learning lesson for you to not repeat the same in the future.
  • While classroom learning and theory is important but the practical experience has an edge since people with prior experience are capable of generating ideas and are innovative and can disseminate those ideas to the profitability.

No matter how long you have worked for and what kind of job you were involved in, you have to be a winner with a knowledgeable and realistic approach to get into your dream school and turn into an accomplished individual.