List of USA Universities Credit System

Yes of course, the USA universities have a credit system. Students willing to transfer to American University are previewed with respect to earlier college-level transcripts. Autonomous teaching bodies within the university decide how the credit would apply to the particular degree programs and other university's requirements.

Those aspiring study abroad should know about transfer credit system that is applicable in USA universities. Remember that the credits are eligible only if it's procured through the academic courses attended at AG-rated regionally recognized institution. The academic courses are considered equal to AU ones if the faculty considers the transferred course same as in content and scope with that of AU courses.

A student can transfer sum total of 75 credit hours from the following:

  1. Maximum of 30 hours from any single or combination of CLEP subject examinations, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or any other American university approved test credit.

  2. Maximum of 30 hours from grouping of significant work completely aptly at college-level Armed services School courses, or US armed forces extension courses or Institute correspondence. Grades achieved should be 70 or more as stated by American Council on Education for academic credit.

  3. 2-year or 4-year institutions approved by AG and regionally accredited.

Point to be noted is, students would not be able to register themselves for the 2nd semester at American University till all the official transcripts are sent to the office of admissions of the University from last attended academic institutions.

The course for which you seek transfer to AU, should have grade C or above. Academic courses with ‘P' grade that signifies ‘Pass' can be transferred provided that it is equivalent to C or above grade. Courses in which the students have scored grade 2.0 or more than 4.0 scales will be listed in AU transcript. They can be related to the total number of credits required for the graduation.

Students who have opted for courses on quarter system would get standard credit of 67 per credit-hour of study. If you want a transfer course than it should have similar number of credit hours as in the American University course to be at same level. For transfer to AU, the credit hours of the internship, externship, remedial courses and independent study are not considered adequate.

Let's now see credit system and USA courses. When a student successfully completes a course, its academic record is marked with course grade and fixed number of credit hours earned. In simple words credit hours are total number of hours of instruction that the course has per week. All the degree programs need some prior set number of credit hours, its mandatory requirement of graduation.

Even best USA universities courses are not always be classroom lectures. Hence do not assume that gathering enough credit hours is limited to the completion of taught curriculum. The seminars, fieldwork, laboratory and autonomous study courses includes the concentrated research studies and making of reports and relevant papers. For further detailed information you can contact the concerned department of the USA Universities.