Why and How to choose an online MBA program?

How to apply for an Online MBA Programme is a question that is expected automatically for any aspiring MBA student. This article provides with an overview of the procedure on a generic basis. For the purpose of this article it is believed that you are positive in your decision to take up online MBA as your choice. In case, still, you are not, we suggest you to first, check and decide on a few basic questions, such as:

That you have decided to proceed with one, you can follow the following steps to apply for an online MBA program

Step 1: Availability of Application Form

  • Check for the availability of online MBA application form. You can refer to institution alerts, website updates, newspaper adverts and in-person notification from peers.
  • Keep in mind the last date to apply so that you do not fall behind submitting the duly filled-in information.
  • Purchase the application form from the assigned counters. Different universities have different quotes. Ensure that you have decent amount in your pocket to avoid embarrassment at the counter. Generally, it is around Rs. 1000/-.
  • You can also download the application form, wherever provided with the institutes under consideration. Do not take print outs / download forms or applications from just any website. Prefer to visit only the official website or links mentioned on the official website as trustworthy sources.

Step 2: Filling Application Form

  • Arrange for the information required, photographs and documents requested. It will be beneficial tip to create a separate folder in your device for keeping a copy of all the digital information so that you do not toil around while filling up the form. Similarly, carry a folder and keep all the printouts and hard copies of the necessary documents.
  • Follow the instructions properly and strictly. If you are submitting a digital copy, ensure you are typing correctly. Always type in a word document and then paste it in application window. If you are expected to submit a hand-written application, write in clean handwriting. Gauge your usage of capitals, punctuation marks and spellings.
  • Ensure that you have signed at required places, fixed photographs and attached the requested documents.
  • Re-read the application form before hitting the ‘OK' button or before sealing the packet containing the papers.
  • Always take print out for digital forms and keep photocopy of the hardcopy of the forms, as a proof of submission.

Step 3: Submitting the Application Form

  • Produce the form in front of the designated official. Assist him with the questions, if required. In case of digital forms, wait for a few minutes because it might take a little longer for the servers to submit, extract, save and confirm the submitted information. Some websites show an indicator to wait while some may not. Keep an eye on screen.
  • Secure any receipt produced against the submission. This is a proof that you your application is accepted and your candidature stands valid. Keep it safe and secure for future use, if required.

Reasons of rejection of Application Form

  • Please note that application form may be rejected on the basis of:
  • Incomplete Information
  • False Information
  • Absence on the GD/ date of appointment, if any
  • Misconduct on the part of candidate or accompanying person, if any
  • Therefore, refrain yourself from such situations and keep the proceedings hassle free and tension free.

  • Note: The readers and applicants are advised to kindly refer to the information brochure and resources provided by their respective institute under consideration. This is general-purpose article and we do not take responsibility to update the information with respect to a specific institute or educational institution or any university.