What is SEVIS?

Student & Exchange visitor information System is popularly known as SEVIS. SEVIS is a fully automated system which is used for keeping the track of exchange visitors as well as students. This helps in ensuring that immigration status of these people is being maintained properly while they are staying in US. SEVIS is an efficient online internet-based program which is being used by US department of State, US department of homeland security, immigrations and customs enforcement, all US foreign-base embassies, US department of immigration as well as all the approved and certified universities.

This system is effective in maintaining current as well as accurate information about non-migrant students (F and M visa holders) exchange visitors along with their dependents. This US database maintained by government helps schools as well as federal immigration agencies to exchange data regarding the status of all the international students. An electronic record is being created in SEVIS database for you once the university in US enrols you. This allows the university to issue an I-20 which helps in gaining F-1 or J-1 status.

When to pay SEVIS fees?

Once you receive your I-20 or DS-2019 you need to complete your SEVIS I-901 form in order to get registered with the database maintained for US International visitors. During this time you are required to pay the SEVIS fee. The SEVIS fee can be paid easily online through US immigration and customs enforcement website or the SEVIS fees can also be paid through post or through Western Union Quick Pay.

In order to make online payment you must find the form SEVIS I-901 on website http://www.fmjfee.com/. Then after completing the form online give the necessary mode of payment like MasterCard, American Express card information. Make sure that the name on the SEVIS application form is the same as on the I-20 form. Once the fee is paid make sure to get a printout of the online receipt.

How much fees is to be paid?

The SEVIS fee has been mandated in 2004 by US Congress and is basically taken for covering the cost of maintaining this program. It also helps in providing technical support and assistance to the SEVIS users. All the students as well as the exchange visitors travelling from abroad and get registered at SEVIS are needed to pay this fees. In most of the cases the SEVIS fees is $200, which is paid before obtaining the visa.

The SEVIS fee mainly covers partial cost of visa maintenance and this fee is applicable to the F J M non-immigrant visa classifications. The SEVIS fee which is to be paid by F visa applicants is $200, while for J visa applicants it is $180.

What form is to be filled in?

All the students are required to file a SEVIS I 901 form before appearing for their visa interview. After paying the SEVIS fee of $200, the applicant is required to bring along the confirmation receipt of the fee payment during the visa interview. For more information related to SEVIS programme you can visit the US immigration and Customs Enforcement Website.