What next after receiving admission confirmation?

Once you are selected by the university you receive the admission confirmation, now the question is what next? Now you need to take care of various very important steps to get enrolled in the University. Since the application process is finished so just take a sigh of relief and get prepared for the next steps which you need to take.

Steps to be taken after receiving confirmation

Step 1: Finalize your Decision

Step 2: Get to know the University finalized

Step 3: Plan your Finances

Step 4: Find a residence to stay in US

Step 5: Get ready for Orientation & Registration

Step 6: Tie up all the loose ends

First Thing

The very next steps after receiving the admission confirmation is to finalize whether you want to accept or decline the offer from the university. Reply to the chosen University with required documents. International students should pay their deposits only after obtaining their F1 student visa from the American embassy in their home country.

Obtain Student Visa

Once you receive the I-20 form from the university contact the US Embassy in the home country and fix an appointment for the F1 visa interview right away. Never make an appointment for visa interview until and unless u get I-20 form from the university. Next pay the SEVIS fee online at www.fmjfee before going for visa interview to US embassy.

Next pay the enrolment confirmation fee because your confirmation is not complete without paying this fee. Once you receive your student visa pay the tuition fee. The confirmation form along with the tuition deposit should be sent completed and signed by you. After reviewing documents and checking university send I-20 form.

Get to Know the Selected University

Visit the Facebook page of the chosen university; refer to the departmental information available online on the university website. There are online First Year Interest Groups which can also be joined to know more about the campus and college. Check your postal mailbox as well as email regularly as you will be receiving more information related to the university and chosen programme or related to further admission process.

Plan the finances

Review your estimated annual expenses and arrange the finances in the mean time. Collect the documents related to your financial arrangement like Proof of funds, Solvency Letter, Loans sanction letters etc. You can look for work on the campus to cover some of your college expenses.

Find a New Residence

To enhance your college experience try to stay within the campus, you can also take virtual tours of residential property of university. After confirming the admission and obtaining student visa you can submit your housing application online before the deadline.

Get Prepared for Orientation

There are few things you need to take care of while preparing for orientation programme and before getting to the university campus like:

  • Activating Universal Account
  • Measles Immunity
  • Clear the Specific Tests
  • Final Transcripts
  • Arrange College Credits
  • Academic planning